“We take the beauty of this world for granted” Laia Aguilar x FW23


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Words by The Aida Badosa | Aug, 29, 2023

The Fall-Winter 2023 collection by The Animals Observatory has just been launched, and, with it, we get to feel closer to cooler times as well as more connected to nature. That is possible because this season’s main inspiration, for Creative Director Laia Aguilar, is the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis, the inherent majesty of flora and fauna. Therefore, an interview with her, about the children's fall winter outfits she created for this season, was in order.

Interview with Laia Aguilar

How did you get inspired this time?

I believe, this time, my inspiration comes from living in the countryside. Before, I used to live in more urban areas, but now that I live in the countryside in Empordà, I wouldn’t go back to the city, I tell you.

Laia Aguilar's home in the countryside.

What is it about nature that you love so much?

To me nature connects with my “Be a good animal” motto. It has a sense of wilderness, of instinctiveness. It offers the most genuine kind of beauty, flora and fauna especially. There are beautiful, interesting animals out there, and also plants with the most fascinating shapes, textures, and smells. We take the natural beauty of this world for granted, and we shouldn’t. Because most of it has an expiring date. Flowers wither, the fruit dries out, and even this planet may do the same, which for me is a reason to even appreciate it more. To cherish and take care of our natural surroundings.

Laia Aguilar's inspirational spot in her home.

Isn’t that also part of its beauty? The way in which nature evolves, from a flower to a fruit, for example.

It certainly is. I think that’s why I chose to feature a pomegranate in my patterned prints for this collection. It is one of the most interesting fruits there are. You eat its seeds when the fruit is actually dried up. Besides, for me, it is so reminiscent of the fall season in the Mediterranean countryside.

We take the beauty of this world for granted

Laia Aguilar

Fall-Winter 2023 campaign. Photography by Laia Aguilar.

What can you tell us about this season’s collaborations?

There are two of them that are new, besides our usual collaboration with Yuma Labs. We teamed up with Save the duck, this high-quality Italian brand, which specializes in outerwear. Soon we will have heat-retaining jackets for children in the eshop, but these will arrive in colder seasons. We also launched three fashionable pairs of boots with La Botte Guardiane. Collaborations are such a thrill to me, because I get to bring a new light to already iconic designs styles, and this feels truly arty.

Besides nature and outdoor activities, are there other sources of inspiration in the Fall-Winter 2023 collection?

Sure there are, because I am always looking for inspiration that comes from my fine arts referents. The way in which I choose to draw. The strokes, the intensity of the colors. Names like László Réber or Alexander Calder quickly come to mind when I tell you about this. Those artists were also inspired by the genuine beauty out there. I am also thinking about Henri Matisse’s paintings of natural landscapes.

Meeting of Sun and Moon, Alexander Calder.

Girl with folded arms, Milton Avery.

Still Life with Bowl, Spoon and Apples, Mark Gertler.

Australian landscape. Idris Murphy.

Do you also feel inspired by the fall and winter seasons in particular?

In a way yes, because everything changes. The colors of nature change, and the same with textures. So I try to also reflect that on the fabrics and the prints.

I think that much of the ballet’s beauty comes from how well the costumes enhance the dance steps

Laia Aguilar

What about those ballet styles

I love the ballet aesthetics, I believe it to be one of the most elegant kinds of art that mankind has ever created. And I also think that much of its beauty comes from how well the costumes enhance the dance steps. Ballet costumes are gorgeous indeed, and I have been wanting to design something inspired by them for a long time. Not only looks inspired on the costumes that ballet dancers use to perform, but also on the comfortable clothes they use to rehearse, so I wanted to add a sort of faux-well-worn touch to them.

Little Ciro. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Speaking of elegance, the furry styles!

Right? They are kind of inspired by the King’s Guard hats, but with really trendy colors. And I also wanted to create something unique, therefore the furry vests. They are so fun to look at, and they also have this nice, smooth touch. I wanted something really special to welcome winter. Definitely, some of my favorites!

This time there will also be a few women's styles, won't it?

Yes, featuring The Animals Observatory most basic designs, because I wanted a sense of timelessness for these styles. Most of them are 100% cotton hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts, because I want the Fall-Winter 2023 collection for women to be comfortable and with an elegant look & feel, at the same time.

The Fall-Winter collection 2023 collection by The Animals Observatory is already available in the eshop. Start exploring the new styles now!