The Animals Observatory circular sunglasses


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jun 05, 2023

As the sun is getting stronger with each passing day, it seemed like a good time to talk about The Animals Observatory’s selection of sunglasses. As we already tackled in the Journal, the kids sunglasses by The Animals Observatory provide a system for customers to recycle them at the end of their life, thus setting in motion a circular process to avoid plastic waste. This process is still in force in the Spring-Summer 2023 sunglasses selection.

Thanks to the QR code provided in each sunglasses’ case, its user will be able to learn about how to return the sunglasses to Yuma Labs in order for the company to recycle them. In other words, both The Animals Observatory and Yuma Labs take care of their own plastic waste, which is what circulatory truly means. The glasses also include a sticker that integrates a prepaid return label to send them back to the laboratory. After doing this, you will get a 15% voucher to spend in The Animals Observatory eshop. You can learn about the whole process in detail by reading the article The Animals Observatory x Yuma Labs.

Protecting them from UV rays while reducing the carbon footprint

Beyond The Animals Observatory x Yuma Labs circular program, these sunglasses manufacturing takes other steps to reduce CO2 emissions. One of these steps is the using of a cutting-edge, energy-efficient material called ECONYL® which, in essence, is regenerated nylon that has the power to decrease the global warming impact associated with nylon production by up to 90%, compared to traditional oil-based materials.

Spring-Summer 2023 Circular Sunglasses by The Animals Observatory x Yuma Labs have been created using the injection molding technique, a  manufacturing process that involves injecting melted material into a mold to create a specific shape. This technique offers several advantages over traditional production methods, such as a faster production time, lower production costs, and more precise and consistent product quality. Besides, the injection molding technique also has great environmental benefits, as the process generates less waste and uses less material than traditional production methods, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

In order to further reduce the environmental impact, these circular sunglasses for kids have been manufactured using renewable energies such as solar or wind power. In addition to ECONYL®, other recycled materials are used. For instance, recycled PET for the cleaning cloths as well as FSC certified paper for the booklet and packaging.

Never compromising on quality

Reducing the amount of plastic and energies used in a process does not mean compromising on quality. As for the Spring-Summer 2023 Sunglasses by The Animals Observatory x Yuma Labs, they hold several certifications that attest to the high standards

First of all, these circular sunglasses are produced in facilities that hold EMS ISO 14001 certification, which ensures that the manufacturing process is environmentally sustainable. Their ISCC+ and GRS certifications also prove that the used materials are  responsibly sourced and recycled, without forgetting the FSC certification which ensures that the packaging’s paper is sustainably harvested

All these sustainability certifications coexist with safety certifications such as independent  third-party quality control according to ISO 9001, certified production, and batch quality control. Needless to say, to ensure the safety of kids, or any other customer for that matter, the Spring-Summer 2023 sunglasses selection complies with restricted substance lists such as BPA, CPC, and Prop 65, and several chemical tests are conducted to carry it out. Finally, the sunglasses are certified for UV and  lens quality protection by standards such as ISO, ANSI, AS/NZS, and CE, and  are tested to withstand impact through the Drop Ball Test.