Lulu Figueroa: “To me, fashion is another form of artistic expression”


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jul 20, 2023

This world is full of wonderful families with lovely children, and The Animals Observatory has had the pleasure of meeting so many of them. This time, our team went to Madrid to pay a visit to painter, artist and fashion blogger, Lulu Figueroa and to her children, who could debut the Fall-Winter 2023 collection.

Born and raised in Spain, Lulu currently resides in its capital, Madrid, where she works from the comfort of her home, which also serves as her painting studio. She is married to the musician Adrián Saavedra, with whom she has their adorable children, Ciro and Lucio, who are four and two years old, respectively. Their family is completed by a friendly dachshund named Lora, who has been with her and Adrián since she was just a three-months-old puppy.

Lulu Figueroa, Ciro, and Lucio Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Lulu Figueroa’s figurative art is always inspired by nature and its genuine beauty, something in common with the upcoming Fall-Winter 2023 collection. The artist’s work has already been exhibited in Échale Guindas Gallery and in Espacio Mados, both in Madrid. Besides being an artist, which we talked about during our interview with her.

Interview with Lulu Figueroa

Your art is really eclectic, which are your main sources of inspiration? 

In my paintings, flowers are a vehicle, a tool through which I try to convey moods, feelings, and emotions... I'm not sure how much of that actually translates to the painting, I guess it depends on the sensitivity of each person and every painting might be slightly different. Either way, I favor subtlety over explicitness. Of late, however, I have been focusing on everyday life scenes, a mannerism of sorts, or Costumbrismo as we call it here. Nature is still present, though flowers are no longer the center of it all, motherhood is.

Lulu Figueroa, Ciro, and Lucio Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Lulu Figueroa, Ciro, and Lucio Picture by Kiku Piñol.

You seem to especially love flower art. Have you noticed that The Animals Observatory's upcoming Fall-Winter 2023 collection is full of flora and fauna-inspired motifs?

Yes, and I love it! Those flower prints and the sea-inspired motifs, and the botanical illustrations. They are lovely and, of course, I also love how all of these garments look on my children Ciro and Lucio. I am positive that the kids will love the new collection.

Flowers are no longer the center of it all in my art, motherhood is.

Lulu Figueroa

How did you learn about The Animals Observatory?

I remember it well, because it was when I became a mother for the first time! I am a fan of the brand’s colorful vibe. I must say I would find it too sad to dress these children as if they were already adults. Of course, I am not the only one that loves The Animals Observatory. The kids love it too.

How would you define your relationship with fashion?

I have always loved fashion. Like art, to me fashion is another form of expression. 

Little Ciro. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Which are your favorite styles so far?

I love the great majority of what I have seen so far. Nevertheless, if I had to pick a favorite, I would say it would be the yellow knitwear sweater, with a big red rose right in the middle. I think it’s called the Flower Bull sweater. It feels warm and cozy  and the print is just gorgeous.

Having children is the greatest life-changer without the slightest doubt

Lulu Figueroa

When did you first know about The Animals Observatory?

About five years ago I would say. Yes, I first knew about The Animals Observatory back in 2018, while I was pregnant with Ciro.

Has becoming a mother changed your relationship with art?

Yes it has! Every major milestone in my life has changed the relationship that I have with art. Having children is the greatest life-changer without the slightest doubt, so it's had a huge impact in every possible way.

Lulu Figueroa and her son Lucio. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Your children are very young, but do you think they already like art or fashion?

In certain ways they do. For instance, Ciro, the eldest, has definitely  developed some sense of aesthetics thus far. Lucio is still too oblivious to most of it, except maybe music. On the plastic side, nothing beyond a few drawings as yet.

Do you have any family plans for this summer? 

We will spend some time in the north of Spain, specifically in Galicia, and then we will return to the south, to Jerez, as we always do.

Adrián Saavedra and his children, Ciro and Lucio.

Lulu Figueroa’s children, Ciro and Lucio, are wearing the Fall-Winter 2023 collection by The Animals Observatory, which will be available next July 25 at