Paula Alvarez de Toledo: “I want my children to become as curious as possible”


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jun 23, 2023

Back in France as we promised. This time to spend some time in the seaside city of Marseille, with Paula Alvarez de Toledo and her children, Gaston and César. This lovely family opened the doors of their beautifully-decorated home for us, while wearing their cute outfits from the Spring-Summer 2023 collection by The Animals Observatory. On sale now, by the way.

In case you are amazed by these pictures, let us tell you that Paula Alvarez de Toledo is an architect and interior designer who owns her own studio, Jaune (with offices in Marseille and Paris), with her friend and colleague Marine Delaloy. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Paula lived in Paris for a while. She studied Architecture and Design at Camondo School there and, after that, worked for another studio in the French capital. In fact, the Jaune studio was founded in Paris, but Paula moved with her beloved family to Marseille just a year ago.

Paula Alvarez de Toledo, Gaston & César. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

As of today, Paula Alvarez de Toledo and her husband Antoine live in her hometown, Marseille. Their eldest, Gaston, is five years old, and little César is only two. Being an architect and having worked with astonishing projects at Le Marais or Saint-Jacques, in Paris, it’s not that surprising that her house looks like a magazine story. Besides, Paula’s lovely children fill the atmosphere with a nice touch of spontaneity and warmness. Anyway, we shall let her explain her endeavors better.

Interview with Paula Alvarez de Toledo

We can’t help but start by saying that we love your house. What parts of it are your work?

Thank you! It’s a project we thought through from A to Z, if you know what I mean, down to the last detail from the beginning. We made every decision that needed to be made, as a family, and it’s been over two years in the making. We can say that we completely built this house. We also designed all the exteriors. What’s more, a lot of the furniture here was made by my husband Antoine, who was a cabinet maker in his first life.

Paula Alvarez de Toledo, Gaston and César. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Our family house is a project we thought through from A to Z.

Paula Alvarez de Toledo

Artwork by Laurence Aillaud. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Of all your works, could you pick a favorite?

That’s a tough one. We loved working for Grupo Habita. We made a hotel with them called the Baja Club in La Paz, Mexico, and it was a wonderful experience for us. Then we were lucky enough to do the Moulin de Lourmarin in the Luberon, which brought us closer to the south of France. We loved working in this atmosphere, close to the local artisans and the region that Marine and I know well, and also love, because it’s where we come from.

Did you know that your architectural firm was founded the same year (2015) as The Animals Observatory? What do you think about that?

2015? Oh great! Time flies! For me it still seems like yesterday that it all began! That’s a good sign. These are coincidences that are very peculiar, indeed.

Gaston and César having fun while wearing The Animals Observatory Spring-Summer 2023. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

How did you learn about The Animals Observatory?

I remember it well, because it was when I became a mother for the first time! I am a fan of the brand’s colorful vibe. I must say I would find it too sad to dress these children as if they were already adults. Of course, I am not the only one that loves The Animals Observatory. The kids love it too.

I want my children to become as curious as possible and learn to discover things for themselves.

Paula Alvarez de Toledo

Which looks do you like the most from Spring-Summer 2023?

I will go for an outfit which is on your Shop by look feature. There is the look number 24, which consists of the funky Ant pants in green and the Rooster Mysterious t-shirt. I love that nothing is gendered in that look. But the icing on the cake is the orange Straw hat, which will come in handy this hot summer.

Gaston wearing Spring-Summer 2023 by The Animals Observatory. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

César wearing Spring-Summer 2023 by The Animals Observatory. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Paula and Gaston at their family home in Marseille. Picture by Kiku Piñol.

Which values would you like to pass on to your children?

I want them to become as curious as possible and learn to discover things for themselves. Like a good animal in fact. And above all, let them be resourceful!

Gastón and César playing ath their homes. Picture by Kiku Piñol.