An intimate Valentine’s Day,
a family approach


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Feb 14, 2023

Today we are spending a different Valentine’s Day with our friend Nana Sacko. One that may not be about romantic couples, but one full of love and happiness, nevertheless. Valentine's is a day to spend with your loved ones, including your children, so we propose an intimate time surrounded by the comfort of home. The tranquility of a happy place filled with the energy of children.

Nana and her children Loa and Ayo chose to celebrate Valentine's Day and their love for each other in a cozy and wholesome way, almost like a slumber party, but with a family approach. It is said that you feel most comfortable when you are with those you love the most. And this is what transpires from their pictures: pure comfiness and love.

The kids pajamas worn by charming Loa & Ayo will not only keep them comfortable, thanks to its cool layers of fabric and relaxed fit, but will also bring light to their night wardrobe, as their vivid colors and prints feel literally like a ray of sunshine. Nana is wearing the white Andromeda woman pajamas, which is part of the new SS24 Woman line. 

nana sacko

Nana Sacko x Spring-Summer 2024 homewear line. White Andromeda woman pajamas, Yellow Andromeda kids pajamas, Sun Andromeda kids pajamas.

Upcycled pajamas

The Animals Observatory's Spring-Summer 2024 home wear line was entirely made by reusing remnants of styles from previous collections. For the prints, Laia Aguilar, Creative Director at The Animals Observatory, revisited the ones that most represented the colorful mood of the Spring-Summer 2024 collection. 

The SS24 kids pajamas by The Animals Observatory feature hopeful-themed prints all over them, including a journey on a boat and a friendly sun character that reminds us about good things always being ahead. These prints come from Spring-Summer 2019  and Spring-Summer 2020 tissue remnants, respectively.

Nana Sacko x Spring-Summer 2024 homewear line. Sun Andromeda kids pajamas.

Meanwhile, Laia chose timeless patterned prints for the SS24 women's pajamas, both of which come from reusing some of the lighter fabrics from Fall-Winter 2019, in order to achieve the freshness and comfort needed for those early spring nights (and days!). As you can see, some colorful polka dots are all over Nana's pajamas, thus bringing a cheerful vibe to this well spent Valentines' Day with her children.

Nana Sacko x Spring-Summer 2024 woman homewear line.

In this case, upcycling older fabric remnants lets us achieve a brand new style without compromising the planet’s health by reducing emissions. 

There are many ways to show love to children. Caring for the environment and promising a less polluted world for them to inherit is certainly one of them. Happy Valentine's Day, spread the love!

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