Two moms, one tiny gang


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Dec 28, 2023

They are based in Berlin, where their three-year-old son nicknamed Peanut is growing up so fast in their “tiny nest”, as they like to call their home. Meet Mimi & Zoé, two big hearted moms who have created one of the most welcoming places we have ever visited.

Their neighborhood in Berlin is in the Mitte district, which is also an area full of interesting places to visit, not only in a touristic sense, but there are also really great spots to spend time and nurture our curiosity: cozy cafés, the majestic Mauerpark, and a handful of cultural centers, among other great spots.

Mimi & Zoé tell us they never miss a Sunday flea market appointment, nor do they stop looking for new cafés to discover, as they also like to grab inspiration for one of their passions, decorating their tiny nest.

Once in the couple’s home, everything reflects on their taste for Scandinavian design furniture, natural wood brown tones and an all-enveloping sense of warmth. They reckon their apartment is a little one, although what they have done with it amazes us.

Rooster oversize t-shirt, Porcupine pants, Toucan cardigan, Dromedary sweatpants. Pictures by Kiku Piñol.

We start talking about the youngest of the gang, and they tell us Peanut’s favorite word is “Ooh là là”, because “he is so attentive and quickly amazed by things.” You can tell how proud of him Mimi & Zoé are, just by looking at them. They also tell us their son’s favorite toys are his little cars, the one thing he couldn’t live without.

We also learned that Peanut is not really keen on pizza. Zoé says he is not a fan of it yet, emphasizing the “yet” while she smiles.

Mimi & Zoé are quite frank about what their strongest fear is: “losing each other.” The family they have created with their son is the most important thing to them.

Tuna hat, Toucan cardigan, Porcupine pants, Orion woman t-shirt, Draco woman sweatpants, Worm socks. Pictures by Kiku Piñol.

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