Spring-Summer 2024 inspirations
by Laia Aguilar


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jan 18, 2024

"There are both late 60s and 80s references, a nautical style, and a sense of sophistication that is present throughout the collection." explains Laia Aguilar, Creative Director of The Animals Observatory when talking about Spring-Summer 2024 fashion trends and inspirations. This new collection, which will be launched next January 23, is based on the brand’s Manifesto first item: We will celebrate the beauty of the passage of time through things.

Spring-Summer 2024 by The Animals Observatory. Picture by Laia Aguilar

Today we are joined by Laia Aguilar, and she tells us she can draw inspiration from many things, but traveling is one of her main sources. She enthusiastically talks about the London vintage shops and markets such as Brick Lane Market. "I love it when you find that unique piece that takes you back to another era, but that is also a timeless clothing piece that you can wear regardless of the fashion trends of the moment."

Therefore, a vintage mood inspires Spring-Summer 2024, and you will be able to feel it in iconic pieces like the new colorful patterned dresses, the aviator sunglasses or even the children's necklace that can create exceptional looks that will remind you of the coachella style clothing, Glastonbury, and other fashion moments spotted in music festivals.

"The classical elegance of Jane Birkin and Katharine Hepburn fashion styles were also in my mind, I wanted to achieve that level of refinement" tells us Laia, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and the uniqueness of each style. Her aim is that kids feel really distinctive while wearing SS24.

Jane Birkin

"Art is a constant in my life"

"When it comes to being inspired, fine arts are always there for me" states Laia, and you can tell that by having a look at any collection by The Animals Observatory, so Spring-Summer 2024 is no exception.

To conceive the new collection’s prints, Laia invoked some of her most beloved artworks by Hans Arp, Henry Moore, or Sonia Delaunay, among others, as she loves to work with geometrical shapes. "But I also enjoy experimenting with an eclectic range of pieces, and so I researched a few vintage posters which had that je ne sais quoi that sealed the deal."

Several works by artists Hans Arp, Henry Moore, Sonia Delaunay and unknown.

When asked about her most unbelievable reference, she points at a vintage matchbook that used to be a souvenir in the Steak Corral Restaurant in California, USA. "Don't you think it's super neat?" she inquires.

Vintage Matchbook Steak Corral Family Restaurant

The color palette of Spring-Summer 2024 by The Animals Observatory has turned out to be one of the broadest to date, thus why it has the power to create bold looks in which no detail is overlooked. As always, Laia Aguilar's proposals for this season represent the most eclectic fashion for kids. Stay tuned for the collection launch next January 23.

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