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Soko x SS24


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Words by Aida Badosa | Feb 06, 2024

Just a few weeks after being featured in Luca D'Alberto's latest single, Silence, we are joined in Paris by French female singer and performer, Stéphanie Sokolinski, also known as Soko. But she has not come alone, Indigo Blue, her adorable kid, accompanies her, as both are in the French capital on the occasion of Paris Fashion Week.

Deer rash guard & Gardener shorts. Picture by Dani Pujalte

After three studio albums and several awarded acting performances, Soko has also introduced herself into the fashion world, especially after being a mom, as she finds more flexibility in it. Motherhood has helped her reassess her priorities, she may act less and make less music, but "when I do it, it's even more to the point and so purposeful." She also tells us music is undoubtedly the art in which she feels most herself, in part thanks to its introspectiveness or, as she puts it "I love spending time alone with my feelings and self-reflecting, and in the end coming out of it with songs and lyrics that I find healing." 

In fact, Luca D'Alberto' Silence ft. Soko almost didn't happen, as when the Italian producer and musician contacted Soko, she thought about rejecting the project. Nevertheless, Soko changed her mind once she listened to the demo, stating she felt "I could write something on it easily", she then grabbed her note book and "the whole thing was finished in about 30 minutes." Talk about inspiration!

Although one could define Stephanie Sokolinki's music as eclectic ─mainly indie pop, but she has also experimented with post punk and new wave─, Soko is more comfortable with her "little Indie music that feels soft and healing (...) sometimes like a hug". In any case, the music genre doesn't matter to her as much as what the music makes her feel. We can say that she has that in common with The Animals Observatory's Creative Director, Laia Aguilar. She also doesn't focus only on temporary fashion trends, and is more into eclectic kids fashion.

Orion woman t-shirt, Ant jeans. Picture by Dani Pujalte

Indigo Blue, the next artist in the family

We can't help but notice Indigo Blue is also really interested in fashion, especially now that they are wearing Spring-Summer 2024 by The Animals Observatory. As their mother, Indigo enjoys expressing themself and they are "very much in charge of their closet", sometimes they even pick the clothes that Soko is going to wear. Once they told their mother  "you can just match me so we can be wearing the same."

Fashion is not the only kind of creative culture that Indigo loves, as they are very much an artist themself. "Indigo Blue loves to write songs, to practice piano and rock out on the guitar." They've said that they wish to do concerts like their mom, Soko the singer.

Gardener Shorts, Kangaroo shirt, Draco sweatpants. Picture by Dani Pujalte

Casual Q&A with Soko

Which is your favorite feeling? 


Which is Indigo's favorite meal? 

HOT TONGUE, it's our favorite pizza place in LA. Their favorite dessert is their vegan, gluten free, sugar free, sweet potato brownie!

Indigo's most loathed meal?

Raw carrots. LOL! But also, they're vegan, and they're always like "I will never eat meat because I care too much about animals and about our planet."

First word that comes to mind when looking at the SS24 collection? 

C-O-L-O-R-S. And we believe in Color therapy, and the more colors we wear, the happier we'll feel that day.

Indigo's Favorite garment from SS24? 

The yellow fanny pack, and the stylish Hawk collar. They also love the Veja sneakers.

Frog tank top, Veja x The Animals Observatory sneakers. Picture by Dani Pujalte

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