This spring, all you need is a flower print


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Mar 24, 2023

Everything is already filled with flowers that bloom in spring, so why not add a colorful flower print to their closet? With this particular aim in mind, we have created a cheerful selection of our favorite flower prints from the Spring-Summer 2023 collection by The Animals Observatory, inspired by one of the most priceless things that nature has to offer, the endless color combinations of these plants.

These good animals turned out to be really passionate kids, with so many dreams and interests, therefore today we would like to introduce them.

Favorite flower prints by The Animals Observatory

A country house garden

Like living in the country and taking care of a magnificent garden. These flowers compose a never-ending outdoors carpet with almost all the rainbow colors. The looks including this flower print present a blend that reminds us of the richly colored blanket flowers, an easy-to-grow perennial plant that so many people choose when decorating their garden. Some purple spring flowers are also displayed on these prints, namely inspired by the Aster flowers family. Even what seem to be pink japanese anemones make their appearance on this garden-like flower print. This beautiful illustration is available on The Animals Observatory Flowers Seahorse sweatshirt, the Camaleon pants, the Trout swimsuit, and many more looks on our website.

An authentic English garden

Perhaps The Animals Observatory’s most romantic flower print up to date. It almost looks like a maze made of peonies, pink roses and even white and yellow daisies. This look is able to take us to a classical English garden, full of spring flowers, it almost seems like we can smell them, don’t you think?

This realistic illustration of such a well-kept garden can be found on several looks by The Animals Observatory. For example, on the Flowers Squirrel jumpsuit, which is perfect for a day at your local park, and also on the elegant Flower Badger dress. The outerwear’s collection from Spring-Summer 2023 also includes the lightweight Flowers Starling Jacket, which will warm any chilly day. 

Carnation’s Mediterranean touch

Did you know that carnations have existed at least since Classical Greece? Being mostly a Mediterranean flower, they were firstly mentioned in Greek literature 2,000 years ago. Carnations may come in several colors, but our favorite one is the passionate red, which was the chosen one for this flamenco-like flower print. 

Within Spring-Summer 2023 by The Animals Observatory, several red carnation prints can be found on styles like the Carnations Frog t-shirt as well as on the fresh Ladybug skirt. The collection’s jumpsuit selection also includes the Ape jumpsuit. Isn’t that one really cute? 

Mid spring flowering Daylilies

The Animals Observatory Pre-spring 2023 capsule must not be forgotten either, especially when it includes some gorgeous daylilies flower prints on its styles. This flower can come in several different colors such as orange, red and yellow, and they tend to bloom for just a few days, which start at early spring.

In this case, yellow and red daylilies were the chosen colors for this beautiful flower print that is available on looks like the Flowers Hamster cap, the astonishing Flower Emu Pants, and also the Starling Jacket, among other daylilies-inspired styles.

Aren’t all those spring flowers styles by The Animals Observatory just amazing? We certainly feel their romanticism when looking at them. Which one is your favorite flower print?