The Animals Observatory Food Workshops: Spring Edition


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Mar 22, 2023

Last Saturday, March 18, we had the opportunity to celebrate another wonderful Food Workshop by The Animals Observatory. For those who don’t know about them, since last year we have been hosting small gatherings where children come with their families in order to experience food flavors and textures of all kinds. 

As a children’s fashion brand, The Animals Observatory welcomes any activity involving children learning about such important aspects as nutrition and health, but always in a fun way, as their amusement is the top priority. We also like to believe the Food Workshops by The Animals Observatory are a place where to strengthen the bond between the kids and their relatives, so as you may guess from looking at the pictures, parents also happen to have so much fun during the workshops.

Spring Food Workshop by The Animals Observatory. Photo by @KikuPinol.

The Spring Food Workshop

For this particular workshop, we had a clear goal: to celebrate such a special occasion as the arrival of the spring equinox. Taking this into account, we partnered with Tiberi Club, and the following idea came to us: Flowers can also be edible, and they are in season, so why not try them? We were also fortunate enough to count with children from all ages, so we separated them into two groups. 

The first group, which consisted of children up to five years old, created gorgeous spring flowers using plasticine and papier-mâché, and their results were just the loveliest. They had a great time letting their imagination run wild. 

On the other hand, children from six years old were up to taste some curious flowers with really familiar flavors. Well, first of all they would go to our particular tiny garden in order to smell the flowers that would later take part in the guessing test. Bear in mind that smelling is also an important part of the whole tasting experience.

Spring Food Workshop by The Animals Observatory. Photo by @KikuPinol.

Tasting the edible flowers

Afterwards started an activity that consisted of trying to guess which of those flowers tasted like the food that was provided to them. Therefore, some fancy flower plates were served to the children in order for them to give it a try. In the same way, the food supposed to taste like them was also displayed on the table. Time to guess which is which!

The flowers used (and tasted) were the alyssum, the dark-flowered stock, the dianthus, the pansy, the monk’s cress, the common vervain, the starflower, the primrose, and the monkey flowers. In the same order, their food counterparts were honey, radishes, black pepper, lamb’s lettuce, arugula (rocket), watercress, walnuts, and grapes.

Spring Food Workshop by The Animals Observatory. Photo by @KikuPinol.

The children had a really great time tasting all of the flowers as well as guessing which one tasted like which particular food. The monkey flower was the first one they got right, as it tasted like grape. That guess was closely followed by the sweet alyssum tasting like honey, and the starflower having the same flavor as the cucumber.

To get more into the spring moodthe kids were served a flower petals infusion, specifically, a refreshing drink made from tropical hibiscus that they really seemed to enjoy. Not all of them, of course, but it was worth giving it a try, wasn’t it?

All in all, both children and parents enjoyed welcoming springtime while trying new flavors and creating cute art inspired by this colorful time of the year. Therefore, the main goal of the Food Workshops by The Animals Observatory was well accomplished.

Spring Food Workshop by The Animals Observatory. Photo by @KikuPinol.