SS23 eclectic fashion for kids, an interview with Laia Aguilar


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jan 31, 2023

Cartoons, flowers, silver fabrics, and a lot of animals. These are the newest eclectic fashion proposals by our Creative Director, Laia Aguilar. The Spring-Summer 2023 collection has just been released, so we had a conversation with her in order to better understand what this new collection is all about.

Were you to define Spring-Summer 2023 in one word, which one would you use?

I could use a lot of words, but if I had to choose one, I would go with eclectic. This new collection has a lot of different sources of inspiration behind it. From the world of equestrian sports to names like Claude Lalannes and his sheep sculptures. There is also a print inspired by Georges Braque. As usual, I try to bring a romantic-folkloric touch to it: I am always up for flowers, and a hint of the Ivy League’s aesthetic’s elegance.

Could you tell us more about your inspiration from the equestrian world?

My passion for horses comes from the trotting horses in Menorca. So, for the Horse Bull sweater I wanted something that almost looked like a picture of a horse race. I find horse races and all the equestrian world really elegant, especially the aesthetics that surround both the jockey and the horse.

Inspirations by Georges Braque, François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne, Pierre Reverdy, Secretariat Racing.

Cartoons seem to be another source of inspiration.

Yes, sure. I love to watch cartoon movies, they are one of my favorite ways to spend a relaxing afternoon. I would watch the cartoons of my childhood everyday: The Muppets, Bannertail, Around the World with Willy Fog, and so on.

Do you have a special working method?

I have my own way of working, sure. I start gathering what is to come, always trying to bring back moments from my childhood as well as from my life as it is today. To be honest, now I design what I would actually like to wear. I also like to conceive my work as a game sometimes. Like this exercise we used to do back in the art school. How many ways are there to draw something? How many times can you do it differently? I use this technique when creating typography, for example.

I try to bring back moments from my childhood as well as from my life as it is today. To be honest, now I design what I would actually like to wear

Laia Aguilar

Do I see swimsuits?

Of course, the kids swimsuits bring these summer vibes that I love. They can also serve as bodysuits, in a more general approach, as well as other kinds of summer clothes for kids. There are also kids long sleeve swimsuits and shorts bathing suits that give the garments a retro eighties touch, which is also present in the whole collection.

Also, these flower swimsuits!

I never let go of flowers! They compound an endless world, and I truly believe that they are not well treated in the fashion world. So, I would like for them to be more present in the industry, but better treated. I just love them and do a lot of research of their features when including them in the prints.

There are even pajamas in the collection. Is it the first time?

Yes, pajamas are there, but I don’t think of them as pajamas. There are three outfits that could be pajamas, but they are also designed as any kind of summer kids clothes that one could wear on a daily basis. I am not a pajama person, but I find their aesthetics truly alluring, especially the classic striped ones.

Spring-Summer 2023 by The Animals Observatory.

What about the reversible jackets?

It’s not the first time I made reversible jackets. It depends on the pattern I am working with. So, as this time the pattern allowed it, I went for it. Besides, the whole Spring-Summer 2023 collection is already full of patterned prints, and this way we get some plain jackets, so kids can change outfit and mood in less than a minute.

Is there anything else you would like to highlight?

Lots of things. As I said, the Spring-Summer 2023 collection is about eclectic fashion, and you will find several animals in it. I especially love the vintage panda prints, which you will be able to see on the Swallow dress or the Kangaroo shirt, to name a few. I am also fascinated with the Venetian touch of the Straw Hats. I adore Venice and the Venetian hats, I would spend a minimum of two months there, just picking up ideas. Another season highlight for me are the new badges that include some of this collection’s prints, like the birds or the cartoons.

Spring-Summer 2023 by The Animals Observatory.