The Animals Observatory x LuisaViaRoma exclusive capsule


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Sep 27, 2023

There is a new The Animals Observatory x LuisaViaRoma exclusive capsule in town, and we have something to say about it.

The challenge: LuisaViaRoma and The Animals Observatory wanted to join efforts to create something beautiful in both ways. Something that appeals to children because of how pretty it is, as well as something that can make the world a more beautiful place. At the same time, we felt it had to reflect the sense of fashion and taste of both brands.

The solution: The Animals Observatory x LuisaViaRoma, a new exclusive micro-capsule that is only sold at It consists of three new clothing pieces: the Camaleon Pants, the Bear Sweatshirt and the iconic Rooster T-shirt, all made of upcycled remnant fabrics. And boy, are they beautiful.

The first Luisa store in Via Roma, Florence (Italy). Source:

LuisaViaRoma, a place to be

As its name suggests LuisaViaRoma firstly was a boutique located in Via Roma, in Florence, and it was created by Luisa Jaquin and Lido Panconesi in 1929. This first boutique still remains in the Italian city and another one followed, in Via Silvio Pellico.

As of today, LuisaViaRoma’s business is mostly online and it is run by the founders’ grandson Andrea Panconesi and his daughter Annagreta Panconesi. Nevertheless, the original idea of a multi brand concept store that would sell luxury fashion remains in the LuisaViaRoma online store.

All in all, it makes sense to sell this limited edition capsule at

An upcycled clothing capsule

The Animals Observatory x LuisaViaRoma was made for the children, not only because they are the ones who will enjoy these organic cotton clothing, but also because they are the ones who will inherit the world that is printed in this exclusive capsule’s garments. As Laia Aguilar puts it “We take the beauty of this world for granted, but it’s actually ephemeral”.

As it happens, this is an upcycled clothing line. These micro capsule’ styles were made using remnant fabrics from The Animals Observatory previous collections. All of them are also 100% cotton clothing, the 20% of it being recycled.

Both The Animals Observatory and LuisaViaRoma wanted this idea of a better, safer world to remain imprinted in the capsule’s concept, and so the right decision was to literally print a wholesome illustration of an animated world.

Photography by Kiku Piñol.

Three is not a crowd

The Animals Observatory x LuisaViaRoma is an exclusive capsule, therefore a limited edition with only three styles, our most iconic patterns, in fact.

It comprehends a pair of intense blue Camaleon pants featuring The Animals Observatory symbol on its left leg besides the animated world’s print on the back. You will be able to find the same illustration on the turquoise Bear sweatshirt and on the iconic Rooster cotton t-shirt in white color.

All of them are as beautiful as cozy and warm, therefore the perfect outfits for this starting fall and even for winter. Check The Animals Observatory x LuisaViaRoma exclusive capsule now at