What they say about The Animals Observatory


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Nov 08, 2022

Since 2015, the year The Animals Observatory was born, there has been a lot to be said about The Animals Observatory. Especially by the Good Animals we have met along the way. Looking back, we understand that we have been very fortunate to meet so many supportive people. 

Today, we will be sharing some of the The Animals Observatory opinions that have reached us or, in other words, the kind words that people from the worlds of culture and fashion have said about The Animals Observatory.

The Animals Observatory makes me think of happiness, creativity and fearlessness.

Omar Sosa, founder of Apartamento Magazine.

Apartamento Magazine, one of the most influential interior magazines around the world, was one of the first editorials we have worked with, back in 2015 when we were introducing our first collection, Spring-Summer 2016. We also created an exclusive capsule with them and the late, iconic Colette boutique in Paris. Omar really gets what we want our good animals to feel.

The Animal Observatory makes the kids so happy. They love dressing themselves and choosing what to wear themselves from the amazing designs, prints and cute cheerful attitude of the clothes.

Alex Eagle, Creative Director.

Alex Eagle has been a supportive friend all along. She has worked with The Animals Observatory’s campaigns for 2015 and Reebok x The Animals Observatory capsule collections.

The Animals Observatory is my go to (and has been for the past 8 years) to find clothing that matches my son’s quirky personality. It’s so good, sometimes I wish it came in my size.

Jorden Bickham, Vogue USA.

Jorden Bickham is a stylist, creative director and fashion editor based in New York City. Always up to date with the latest trends, she is one of the first people that believed in The Animals Observatory, featuring the brand in Vogue USA for the first time.

Leader of the pack, The Animals Observatory is always one step ahead when it comes to kids' fashion.

Deborah Sfez, Fashion Stylist.

As a fashion stylist, Deborah Sfez was also a pioneer in featuring The Animals Observatory in the French fashion editorials such as Dolittle and Papier Maché. Her kind words have also touched us.

It’s the only brand me and my kids can agree on. It’s all they’ll wear! Comfortable and cute and lasts forever.

Jamie Mizrahi, Celebrity's Stylist.

Jamie Mizrahi is Adele’s main stylist as well as Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson. She has always communicated her love for The Animals Observatory, as her children love it.

The Animals Observatory is the label that a child could imagine, with such freedom and personality.

Elissa Castelbou, Fashion Stylist.

Fashion stylists do indeed love The Animals Observatory. Elissa Castelbou, with whom we worked on our Baby campaign in Paris, also shares our freedom and personality values.

The Animals Observatory is the most benevolent client we have had the chance to work with. The team exudes positivity and kindness which is where the brand values come from. It is a rare occurrence in this day and age.

Guillaume Delacroix, CEO and founder of DLX Paris PR Agency.

It is simply wonderful to work with people like Guillaume Delacroix, who not only shares these beautiful The Animals Observatory’s opinions, but also goes the extra mile to make sure that the fashion industry in France is aware of all values that move us through his PR agency, DLX, who represents the brand.

If I have to describe The Animals Observatory in one word, I would say funky.

Benedicte Burguet, Vanity Fair France.

After years of being a kind customer, Benedicte Burguet, from Vanity Fair France, also has given us great shows of support.

I think it's a playful and cool way of expression for the kids.

Marina Gallo, Fashion Stylist.

Spontaneous kind words about The Animals Observatory are always welcome, so we really appreciate what fashion stylist Marina Gallo has to say about the brand, and we are so pleased that she has read the brand’s intentions so well when it comes to communicating with the world.

The Animals Observatory is the perfect choice to dress and live through children’s eyes: the world as a giant playground, potential adventures everywhere and boundless curiosity and wonder. Everything would be magical and extraordinary!

Inma Manresa, Marketing Director at Hermès.

We feel so glad that people from high fashion brands like Inma Manresa from Hermès really get the point of The Animals Observatory.

Huck Finn, Zlateh the Goat, Pippi, Alice or Scout Finch were the first inhabitants in this mindful, agile and deep universe that is The Animals Observatory.

Marta D. Riezu, Journalist.

Journalists like Marta D. Riezu, contributor at Vanity Fair and Elle as well as writer of books likeAgua y jabón(Water and soap) andLa moda justa(Fair fashion), also provide a great insight about The Animals Observatory’s essence and do not hesitate to show their support.

All in all, we feel we are truly surrounded by Good Animals and that from 2015 till nowadays we have had the opportunity and privilege to meet such wonderful people all over the world. Gentle souls who really understand and share our values and have nothing but really touching conceptions about The Animals Observatory.