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Words by The Animals Observatory | Nov 04, 2022

As we experienced at The Animals Observatory, online shopping and ‘Shop the Look’ platforms as a trend have grown significantly during the last few years, especially after the lockdown period. Nevertheless, that factor only contributed to accelerating a habit that was already there and that was already on a growth path too. 

Nowadays, a huge amount of people prefer to shop by look at the cosiness of their homes. After all, fashion shopping means making decisions and sometimes these are best made in a calm manner, so without the rush that can be felt in some stores when, for instance, there’s a long queue to get to the counter. The fact still remains that online shopping can feel really cold without an actual source of inspiration like the mannequins that we may find in a shop displaying a complete outfit. It’s not easy to buy a blouse when you are looking at a plain picture of it and nothing else. How is it supposed to look? How will it fit with other garments? This kind of issue may in fact make us give up on the piece we were looking at.

This is the raison d’être of the Shop by Look platforms. When we see a picture or a video of a complete outfit, we can feel how the garments that compose it come to life. How they become a source of inspiration that helps us understand the potential that each piece of clothing holds. We also can get beautiful endless ideas of combinatinations that we wouldn’t have thought about.

Shopping The Animals Observatory looks

Shop by look platforms can apply, of course, both to adults and kids fashion. At The Animals Observatory we also believe that Shop by Look is a great way to suggest gorgeous style combinations within The Animals Observatory looks in order to inspire children and parents alike. Online shopping is a really comfortable habit, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t interact and even play with the clothes we are considering to buy. Therefore, we wanted to bring the experience of being in a physical shop, with display cabinets and mannequins, to the screens of our Good Animals. This is why we created the Shop by Look section in our website, to show The Animals Observatory looks to the world and let people interact with them.

Being clever like children, so says The Animals Observatory’s Manifesto, we couldn’t help but to create a Shop by Look experience that lets people interact and play with The Animals Observatory looks. Also in line with our manifesto, we put a lot of passion into it in order to design something that goes beyond pictures of cool styles combined. To that end, we can not only see really cool videos showing our latest collection, but we can also feel the essence of it, thanks to the performance of the models as well as some great sound effects. 

It is Laia Aguilar, our Creative Director, who styles The Animals Observatory looks herself and also takes part in the campaigns to launch every collection, so she uses her creative energy to ensure we will get to feel the vibes she intended for when creating the whole collection.

As children and animals do, we too have this tendency to discover things by “playing” with them. So Shop by Look by The Animals Observatory aims to make this experience as real as possible within the context of an online shop. Would you like to try it? 

Shop by Look by The Animals Observatory – Step by step

1. On our home page, hover your mouse over our main season’s collection.Once the Shop by Look tab appears, click to access our virtual showroom.
2. Check all The Animals Observatory looks and have fun.
3. Dance with us! 
4. Choose your favourite items from each look. You can also go to the product page of every item by clicking the “buy” button in the left bar next to the look. 
5. Now you will be in our e-shop, ready to buy your favourite products.

As you will see, the items on The Animals Observatory Shop by Look section are instantly shoppable. Besides, there are more than 60 look combinations that you will be able to get inspiration from.

But wait, there is more! For further look ideas, we also recommend complementing Shop by Look by The Animals Observatory with the latest collection campaign films as well as checking our Instagram profile out, where we share some of the best ideas from The Animals Observatory looks. We would also like to suggest viewing our account takeovers, in which some personalities from the world of fashion and culture show their favourite looks from The Animals Observatory latest collections.