Sneak peek of the Fall-Winter 2023 kids fashion collection in Paris


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Feb 15, 2023

Last January 30 we had the pleasure of hosting an intimate dinner among our colleagues from the fashion industry in France. Of course, it had to take place in Europe’s fashion capital, Paris. The aim of this special event was to introduce The Animals Observatory friends to a preview of the upcoming kids fashion collection, Fall-Winter 2023.

It is worth mentioning that we felt really at ease with the guests who attended the FW23 dinner. Therefore, we would like to give a special shout-out to our friends Clara Cornet, Instagram Fashion Director; Lolita Jacobs, Art Director, Anne-Charlotte Vermynck from Doolittle Magazine; Elissa Castelbou-Loiret, fashion stylist; Capucine Terrin from Le Figaro, Camille Lemasson from Marie Claire Magazine; Hélène Redolfi, stylist; Melanie Hoeppfner and Mandy Fixy from MilK Magazine; and Melina Brossard from Self Service Magazine.

Attendants Elissa Castelbou Loiret, Lolita Jacobs, Clara Cornet, Camille Lemasson, Helene Redolfi. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.

Dinner menu by Cantine Laszlo

Although the dinner took place in an intimate environment in The Animals Observatory’s showroom in Paris, the menu was created and provided by Laszlo Badet from Cantine Laszlo. We had the privilege of tasting some of the chef’s signature dishes while listening to fine music that enlivened the atmosphere.

We started with an appetizer which included the most delicious oysters and champagne, while taking a first look at the Fall-Winter 23 styles already in motion. It felt like the nicest way to present the next main kids fashion collection. What’s more, all the flavorful dishes that were served came from local producers and were also organic, and that was apparent. Cantine Laszlo’s creation also included a next level sea bream’s ceviche and an original kale with legumes dish, among other courses. The cherry on top was a magnificent quenelle with chocolate truffle, which is an iconic French dessert. It is safe to say we all had a splendid food experience.

Laszlo Badet. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.

The latest in Paris

Nice food goes with nice conversation, and speaking of things that fit well, it was really enlightening to learn about the latest kids fashion trends in Paris and in the whole world, thanks to our guests’ expertise. The most hip Parisian quartiers and the latest developments in the world of fashions were a must topic, of course.

While speaking about the latest trends in front of that delicious food, we also could learn about some must-visit restaurants in the French capital. Nevertheless, what caught our attention the most was the strength and presence that The Animals Observatory has in Paris, superbe! There are already a lot of boutiques displaying our styles, such as the iconic Le Bon Marché

À bientôt

All that talking of how Paris has been so supportive and welcoming to us really made our day because, as you may know, Paris has always been an inspiration for us. Especially for our Creative Director, Laia Aguilar.

It goes without saying that we will be back in Paris really soon, we hope. We visit the city several times a year in order to gather new trends and sources of inspiration. We also host a private showroom everytime The Animals Observatory launches a new seasonal collection. So, for now, à bientôt, Paris. We will be meeting again, hopefully, with as good company as this last time.

The Animals Observatory Paris Showroom. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.

Milk Magazine team. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.

Appetizer by Cantine Laszlo. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.

Menu by Cantine Laszlo. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.

Menu by Cantine Laszlo. Picture by Marc Alexander Shelly.