Kalo Rakoto and the patience that hides the beauty


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Words by Clara Julià | Jun 04, 2024

Born in Paris in the 1980s and with a strong cultural background, Kalo Rakoto has followed her path to transform a dream into a reality. This Malagasy-French mother of one based in Brussels balances motherhood and her career with grace while embracing her true passion: being a cabinetmaker. In fact, both her business and her daughter Sacha were born at practically the same time.

Kalo is wearing the Onion Woman T-shirt.

Passion and determination led Rakoto to dive into her emotions and her instinct, and after a long process of experimentation, Kalo Rakoto’s designs were born. But finding one's signature is no easy job. It requires the ability to evoke creativity and transform it into a work methodology, a mix that requires time. “My creative process involves being inspired by a detail, a building, or a shape. Following that, I regularly elaborate on it in my mind—sometimes for months—until THE idea comes out. If I feel joy, if it feels right, I know this is it. This has been my approach from the beginning”, states Rakoto. 

Moreover, she precises that, with time, the process gets easier. “Over the years I became sharper and more precise. Finally, the artistic direction, the architectural and sculptural forms, is more a result of this process rather than a conscious decision”.

Kalo is wearing the Aries Woman T-shirt, and Sacha is wearing the Gazel dress and the Sardine Short Leggings.

It all started with her previous experience in product and textile development in the fashion and luxury field. “During that period, I had to translate extraordinary ideas into industrially feasible ones in terms of timing, price, and quality. Now, this remains true, except I'm also the designer. The essence lies in being able to find solutions to any problems while maintaining total respect for the original idea”, states.

But not everyone that has a good idea has the ability to transform it into a reality. The experience has made Rakoto reflect that “it requires patience, being able to let go, breaking free from your fears and beliefs”: “In that sense, it’s very challenging. There is the ideal idea, then the real experimentations that involve life, materials, technical constraints, etc. In the end, it is about finding the right compromise with a sense of satisfaction”, concludes.

Quick Q&A with Kalo Rakoto

What comes to your mind when you think of spring and summer?  

Sun, soft warm breezes on the skin, grass and flower perfumes, ice cream, happiness. Spring is my favorite season.

What garment do you think any parent should have in their children’s closet during those seasons?  

A bucket hat !

What is your most-liked print from the SS24 collection? And your daughter’s? 

We both love the print with green in the background, depicting people—adults and a child—dressed in pink, red, and yellow. So colorful and joyful !

What is your daughter’s favorite animal?  

At the moment, she adores hedgehogs.

Kalo is wearing the Onion Woman T-shirt, and Sacha is wearing the Stork blouse and the Colt pants.

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