"Less but better" stylist Emilie Crickx’s take on baby styles


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Words by The Animals Observatory | March 21, 2024

Undoubtedly one of the most energetic people we've ever met, stylist Emilie Crickx is currently involved in not one, but three different projects, all within the fashion world. Talking to her you can tell she is actually driven by a true passion for fashion and lifestyle, which comes from working with her mother, who owns a concept store in Brussels (Belgium). This led to her discovering her passion for styling, which also led to founding her own sustainable swimwear brand, Rhodée. As we said, she is restless.

Emilie is wearing the Blue Andromeda Woman Pajamas, and Didi is wearing the Navy Bat Vest. Picture by Victory Pattyn

Emilie also lives in the Belgian capital with her husband, Arnaud, and their son Diego, whom from now on we will call Didi, like she does. So this woman of many passions is also the mother of a toddler, and we can't help but wonder, "How does she manage?" "Organization is the key element. My husband and I try to be as organized as possible. That's why we don't feel overwhelmed all the time" she clarifies.

Didi is wearing several styles: The brown Seahorse sweatshirt, the pink Draco sweatpants, the yellow Snail socks, and the white Frog tank top. Picture by Victory Pattyn

Emilie Crickx's tips for choosing baby & toddler styles

Her take about baby and toddler styles can be summoned in three words "LESS BUT BETTER. I really choose clothes for their quality, even if they are more expensive" she states, adding that "quality and colorful sum up Didi's style well. I would add oversized... I love it when his clothes are a bit too big. He's too cute."

As a stylist, she already has some top-of-mind toddler fashion brands, The Animals Observatory among them, of course, and especially because the brand meets her main driving factors when choosing styles for toddlers and babies. "I buy a lot of cotton because it's practical to wash and doesn't change too much. I always buy larger sizes so Diego can keep his clothes longer." She also tells us she finds it really useful that The Animals Observatory baby styles tend to run large.

In addition to the more practical issues, Emilie also shares that The Animals Observatory appeals to both her and Didi, because "the clothes can be mixed and matched a lot, so you can create quite a few different combinations. Definitely one of my favorite brands," she concludes.

Emilie is wearing the Green Aries T-Shirt, and Didi is wearing the yellow Whale cardigan. Picture by Victory Pattyn

Quick Q&A with Emilie Crickx

In a single word: What is your idea of happiness?


Which is the piece of clothing you could never live without?

A beige raincoat, it rains all the time in Belgium.

Is there any kind of garment you would never wear?

Fast fashion... I can't stand poor-quality clothes that follow every trend minute by minute. The brands that have no personality and only copy, also the way these clothes are produced shocks me.

What is the word Diego is currently babbling the most?

"AAAAAAM" to say he's hungry, he's too funny with his mouth wide open. And at daycare, he has a caregiver (Frederica) who speaks Italian and always says "ciao ciao" when he leaves, so now he also says: "ciao ciao". I melt every time.

Which SS24 outfits do you think look the cutest on Diego?

Oh, it's hard to choose, but my god, when you see his chubby little arms...in the white and red Frog tank top! I also like it when he matches my jacket and when he's in his little Hedgehog shorts... really impossible to choose, sorry!

Which of these prints would you like for yourself?

The leaves and flowers from the Seahorse sweatshirt. I love it!

What animal do you identify with the most?

A lion. I'm a fan of lions, and my Didi would be the kindest animal on earth. I don't know which one it is, but it's Diego!

Emilie is wearing the yellow Centaurus jacket. Picture by Victory Pattyn

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