World Book Day with Vanesa Lorenzo, her top 5 books


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Apr 18, 2024

On April 23, International Book Day, the spotlight is on the value of literature as a catalyst for personal growth. It's celebrated in various ways depending on the country, whether by filling the streets with book stands or by encouraging access to literature and education for all children.

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At The Animals Observatory, we've taken the opportunity to visit our friend, the writer Vanesa Lorenzo, author of Crecer juntos, a book about yoga for children and parenting. Although it's a book for parents, today we've asked Vanesa to recommend her favorite children's stories. Of course, she was delighted to open the doors of her home to show us the books and tell us how she spends Book Day with her daughters, Manuela and María.

Little Blue and Little Yellow,

Leo Lionni (1959)

A beautiful visual metaphor about friendship and how it influences the identity of children. A perfect story not only to tell in family but also to be delighted by the beautiful illustrations of Leo Lionni.

Elmer, David McKee (1968)

Elmer is a little multicolored elephant, different from the rest of his herd. Although he wishes to have the same colors as the other elephants, he will soon discover that variety is the spice of life.

The World’s Worst Teachers,

David Walliams (2020)

A hilarious compilation of teacher archetypes and stereotypes that every child has encountered at some point in school. From the perfectionist to the vain, the sappy, and many more.

The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein (1964)

This heartwarming illustrated children's story portrays the tale of friendship between a boy and a tree, representing that constant figure in life that gives without asking for anything in return. It's a story about unconditional love as well as a way to pay homage to all that nature does for us.

The Story of Babar,

Jean de Brunhoff (1931)

The story of Babar began as a children's tale that Cécile de Brunhoff told to her children, which her husband later adapted into illustrated books. At The Animals Observatory, we are lovers of Babar, so much so that we dedicated an entire capsule to him.

These are Vanesa Lorenzo's top tales in her library, as well as the favorites of Manuela and María. In addition to discussing their favorite children's books, we also wanted to take advantage of the visit to discover how they spend Book Day together—Vanesa, her daughters, and her husband.

Quick Q&A with Vanesa Lorenzo

How do you spend Book Day with your daughters?

We love this literature celebration! Every year, I take them out for a snack, and then we stroll through different bookstore stalls to find a book for each family member. After that, another surprise awaits them at home: the search for the rose quest, as in Barcelona, it's also a tradition to give a rose.

Do you often read together?

Every night, yes! We spend 30 minutes reading in bed before going to sleep; it's a routine I've implemented. I consider it crucial for bonding and maintaining healthy dynamics like reading on paper and avoiding screen exposure before bedtime. Additionally, we play around changing the endings of books to encourage imagination and critical thinking.

Are you more into classic or contemporary tales?

Definitely, contemporary, because we tend to connect more naturally with the stories.

As a writer, what do you think about children's books today?

I think the diversity of themes and styles is wonderful. Nowadays, we have books that realistically address the challenges our children face in the current era. These can be very helpful to parents in the task of education.

If you were an animal, what do you think you would be?

The octopus seems like a fascinating animal. It's intelligent and highly skilled. It has a remarkable ability to solve problems and adapt to different environments.

What are your favorite pieces from the SS24 collection, for women and children?

The upcycled Andromeda pajamas; the blue and the white one. I also love the Whale cardigan and the Opossum shorts. Additionally, I really like the green Magpie two piece, the Hummingbird dress, the Triton bikini, and also the Hare T-Shirt, the one that features this lovely all over Tigers print.

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