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Words by Aida Badosa | Apr 05, 2024

From the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles to the quietness of Garraf, a rural coastal region close to Barcelona, Clara Infante made quite a change of life after being a mother for the first time. Now that she already has three infant sons, Clara is fully established in the countryside, where she lives and works on her art, along with her husband, the musician Sohn, and their three children Eliot, Lenny and Atlas.

Clara is wearing the Orion Woman T-shirt; Atlas, the Mole bermudas; Eliot, the Horse sweatpants and Lenny, the Camaleon pants.

Slow life is the term that best describes Clara Infante's lifestyle. She is the founder of Copito, a brand of handcrafted candles and crayons that are made using pigments from plants and earth. This business, as she puts it, "allows me to keep my own work hours, raise my children and work with my hands. It’s a dream to be able to sell the things I make, to live a slow, sustainable life outside the city and to be surrounded by my family."

The truth is that the idea of Copito came up as a birthday gift for one of Clara's children. She tells us that she had already been dabbling with natural dyes for a while, so she created her first natural crayons and documented the whole process on Instagram. Her followers liked them so much that they proactively started requesting crayons for themselves, and thus began her art and craft business.

Children are born artists

Clara Infante

Being a mother and an artist herself, Clara Infante shares her view on encouraging children to feed their inner artists. She doesn't flinch a second when pointing out that "Children are born artists. They have more creativity at the tips of their fingers than most adults do in their entire bodies!"

Therefore, Clara believes that there is no specific age at which parents should start encouraging children to have fun with arts and crafts. She prefers to let them experiment at their own pace and interfere as little as possible. "Let them use their imaginations, learn to entertain themselves and to create with what they have at their disposal."

Atlas is wearing the Anteater long sleeve T-shirt; Eliot, the Raven knitted polo shirt and Lenny the Bear sweatshirt.

Beyond plastic arts and crafts, Clara also believes that "cooking is an art", so her children also feed their creativity by handling food. "We let the kids make their own variations of our family recipes, plate the food, set pretty tables with plants and candles." Moreover, she discloses that they are already following in their mother's footsteps and making their own hand-dipped candles! It seems those apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

Quick Q&A with Clara Infante

Were you to define Copito using a single word, which one would you use?


In a single sentence. What is your idea of happiness?

Being true to myself.

What animal do you identify with the most?

In my past life I must have been a bee.

What about your children?

Eliot with a rabbit, Lenny a monkey, and Atlas a gorilla.

Which is your favorite kids style from SS24?

The knit polo shirt is a work of art.

Which of its prints would you like for yourself?

The all over flower print is absolute magic!

In this photo, Clara Infante is in her candle workshop and is wearing a yellow Orion adult t-shirt. This product is part of The Animals Observatory Spring-Summer 2024 women's collection.

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