Embracing the natural grace of Spring-Summer 2024


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Words by Aida Badosa | March 17, 2024

Introducing a new round of adventures, starring Greta and Vilma, photographed by Andrea Illan, in the stunning landscape of Lanzarote, which serves as a contrasting feature to highlight the latest from Spring-Summer 2024 by The Animals Observatory.

Greta is wearing the Raven knitted polo shirt and the Horse sweatpants. Pictures by Andrea Illan.

The new arrivals feature the most sophisticated styles within the current collection, created by Laia Aguilar. Rich textures meet the most comfortable knitwear polo shirts, perfectly combined with hypnotic patterned prints. Greta and Vilma feel so ready to visit the island's most magical spots while wearing them.

Vilma is wearing the  Raven knitted polo shirt and the Horse sweatpants. Pictures by Andrea Illan.

What else should they expect from this journey? In any event, the comfy sports-inspired styles that accompany them will bring a sense of warmth and natural elegance that ultimately result in an unexpectedly chic proposal.

Greta and Vilma are the main characters in a story set on an island that keeps its best for the ones who are willing to leave no nook and corner unexplored. A vast area at first sight, full of hidden gems, nevertheless.

A new drop full of hidden gems

Are there more events to look forward to? The newest of Spring-Summer 2024 is all about comfort and grace. Stay tuned for the next drop to find out what it will be all about.

Vilma is wearing the Squab crop top and the Eagle shorts. Pictures by Andrea Illán at Jameos del agua

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