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Words by The Animals Observatory | Feb 06, 2023

Getting outfit inspiration for ourselves is not always a piece of cake. Surely, the same happens when we want to dress our children. It is not only about our taste, but they will need to feel comfortable in that outfit too, they will need to like it very, very much. So, what can we do about it? We have already talked about the Shop by Look section on our website as an inspirational resource. There, you will find The Animals Observatory digital showroom, where you will be able to see cool videos of children wearing and interacting with the styles of our latest collection. Bear in mind this outfit inspiration comes from Laia Aguilar herself who, besides being our brand’s Creative Director, acts as stylist for the Shop by Look outfits. Anyhow, if you have already surfed our website, you will surely have learnt about another source of inspiration for their outfits. The one that comes directly from our good animals, our Community page. There you will find out about how the children worldwide wear their The Animals Observatory outfits.

The Animals Observatory Community

This is our, your and their place for cute outfit inspiration. Did you know that hundreds of children around the world are letting us know how The Animals Observatory styles look on them? Our Community has been built by the kids whose relatives share their cutest pictures wearing The Animals Observatory styles on Instagram, tagging us at @TheAnimalsObservatory or using the hashtag #BeAGoodAnimal. Or both, of course! So, thanks to these really good animals, we have been able to bring together a fair amount of cute outfit inspiration photos for anyone to enjoy.

Some good animals from our Community.

At it is possible to see children’s day-to-day pictures featuring our latest collections such as Spring-Summer 2023, Pre-Spring 23 or Christmas capsules and, truth being told, it is so interesting to see outfit combinations that even we hadn’t thought about. It is really lovely to bear witness to how creative people can be when they are inspired. We also get to take inspiration from kids from anywhere: France, Korea, The USA, Japan, The United Kingdom, Australia, The Netherlands, you name it! This means we can also expand our horizons by seeing how they create styles in countries all over the world, which you would agree is very enlightening. Within our Community, 70s inspired outfits are available next to 80s inspired summer outfits and other vintage inspirations, as well as more modern styles that anyone will love. To make things easier, anytime you click at any picture you like from our Community, you will be able to identify which The Animals Observatory pieces of clothing they are wearing, as we take good care of improving your inspirational experience. Furthermore, you can also go the other way around. What are we saying? Once you are inside the page of any The Animals Observatory attire, the pictures of our Community members wearing that same garment are displayed there in order to let you know how the style will look on someone.


You can also be part of it

If you already feel like creating a good animal outfit inspiration with your little ones, keep us posted! You can also tag The Animals Observatory Instagram account or use the hashtag #BeAGoodAnimal, as we said. This way, your pictures will appear on our Community page and may also be featured on our Instagram page, as we are always selecting them to be featured in our stories on a daily basis as well as almost weekly in our posts. The best thing is not only you can be inspired by good animals from around the world, but you can also be an inspiration to them. And how cool sounds that?