The Manifesto collection launched on 13 November is a real statement of intent: a look at the world that's "as honest as an animal", which also aims to amalgamate its creative DNA in a collection of bold, confortable and iconic garments full of rock'n'roll attitude and feminine elegance, with all the confort and quality that the brand's fabrics and patterns always deliver.

In its Manifesto campaign, The Animals Observatory wanted to give glamour wings while paying homage to those childhood swings which, like the brand's logo, always took us soaring up and away, cradling our dreams and lifting our feet from the ground. That's what childhood is all about: flying high in through and deed, watching the lives of grown-ups from the peak of our flight, relishing the present and laying down memories for the future.

The Manifesto by The Animals Observatory, voiced by a young girl and enveloped in the emotion of music specially composed for the occasion, has become the purest essence of the brand.

The manifesto
  1. We will celebrate the beauty of the passage of time through things.
  2. We will be honest like animals and clever like children.
  3. Every morning, as we open the wardrobe, we will sing old songs for a new world.
  4. We will follow our instinct to the Northern Lights.
  5. Love above all. Equality above all. Kindness above all.
  6. We will play hide and seek with the stupid and the selfish. And they’ll never find us.
  7. We will light candles with kisses and look each other in the eyes.
  8. We will not respect museums that don’t tell the truth.
  9. We will reject any wool that’s scratchy.
  10. We will do things with passion, complete passion and nothing but passion.