Mother's Day with Daniëlle Kempen


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Words by The Animals Observatory | May 12, 2024

Mother's Day is definitely one of the favorite times of the year for The Animals Observatory team. Mother's love means the world to us, so that’s why every year we spend it with Daniëlle Kempen, our fashion stylist friend from Amsterdam. She and her daughter Billy have been guest starring in our Social Media since almost day one, and this year, we wish to go beyond Instagram, and interview her on The Observatory.

Daniëlle is wearing the Green Aries Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt, and Billy is wearing the Indigo Mule Overalls

One of the perks of getting to spend Mother’s Day with Daniëlle and little Billy is the opportunity to see her grow year after year. Turns out she is not that little anymore, although she is as cute as ever, of course. She and her mother travel a lot, and Daniëlle admits that seeing the world through her eyes is a magical experience. "The moment when you slow down and take more time for all things you do, you see so many more beautiful things around you."

She also tells us about patience being the most important thing that she has learned after being a mother. Well, this and living in the moment, as children and good animals do. Being a mother lets us connect with our inner child on a regular basis, if we pay enough attention.

Daniëlle is wearing the Green Aries Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt, and Billy is wearing the Soft Yellow Raven Knitted Polo Shirt, the White Big Iguana Necklace and the Beige Camel Pants

Quick Q&A with Daniëlle Kempen

What does it mean for you to be a mother?

That life is not just about me anymore. And I love it.

In only a sentence, what advice would you give to someone who is about to become a mother for the first time?

There are no rules, no good or bad examples, the only thing that is important is you being there, giving the biggest love you have!

If you were an animal, what do you think you would be?

Billy definitely is a monkey. I tell her; if you are a monkey, I’m a monkey!

What are your favorite pieces from the SS24 collection, for women and children?

I’m totally in love with the raw denim. It is funny how many compliments we received on the street, while Billy was wearing these lovely overalls.

Photography by Paulien Van Beusekom

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