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Poodle Gift Card

Online Gift Cards are a perfect solution as birthday presents for the good animals who love The Animals Observatory styles, as they will get to choose their favorites. Besides, the Gift Card for kids is really easy to give as a present, as you can directly send it to the receiver from this website.

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Where and how do I purchase a Gift Card?

The Animals Observatory Gift Card can only be purchased and used online. It cannot be used in our physical stores. All Gift Cards purchased on our website are electronic and will be directly sent to the email address you specify.

How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?

Easy, by clicking the section "Check your balance" on The Animals Observatory Gift Card page. To check your balance, simply enter your gift card’s number and pin, and the balance will be shown.

Can I send the Gift Card to another receiver?

Sure! When purchasing a Gift Card on the website, you can choose to send it to yourself or to another receiver.

How long is a Gift Card valid for?

The Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Can more than one Gift Card be used in the same purchase?

Yes, it's possible to use more than one Gift Card. In the checkout, you can use multiple Gift Cards and keep track of the balance of your Gift Cards.

Can I receive a refund directly to the Gift Card?

Yes. If you used a Gift Card to pay for the purchase, then you will receive the refund to the same Gift Card.

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