Veja Kids x The Animals Observatory, it had to be


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Words by Aida Badosa | Apr 05, 2023

Veja x The Animals Observatory is here, within the Spring-Summer 2023 collection. This collaboration with the french sneakers brand is a reality which not only has produced three brand new models of the iconic V-10 CWL by Veja Kids, but also has merged both fashion brand’s vast imaginary universes into a unique product as Veja sneakers for kids. Take The Animals Observatory creativity and playful vibes, then mix it with the steadiness and elegance of the Veja kids shoes, and there you go! The (literally) shiniest sneakers.

Matching fashion projects

As they point out at Veja Kids, creating sneakers with a different system was their own way of starting to reconstruct everything from scratch. They were born in an era in which the times were “a-changin” as Bob Dylan used to sing. Veja started their project in 2004, in the midst of the internet burst, and so they wanted to vindicate the uniqueness of making products with a different approach, one in which the passion for making steady, reliable items would also leave a positive impact. Does that ring a bell? The Animals Observatory Manifesto includes passion for what we are making, as well as never forgetting the art and craftsmanship from the past that brought us to this new world, where we try our best to keep improving for the sake of our children. You could say that this desire to reconstruct on the basis of an already existing concept was what brought both brands together.

Veja Kids x The Animals Observatory

A design challenge for Laia Aguilar

Laia Aguilar, Creative Director for The Animals Observatory is not one to shy away from challenges. Hers was clear: To reinvent something that, in turn, came of a kind of reset of the way we were creating fashion items. The Veja V-10 CWL were first created in 2017 and, since then, they have become an iconic model by the french brand. First of all, it was time to deconstruct concepts for Laia, time for taking inspiration from some of her favorite artists. Therefore, she took a deep splash into neoplasticism and the color-block movement. Dutch painters, Piet Mondrian (1872 – 1944) and Theo van Doesburg (1883 – 1931), for instance, are known representatives of both movements. Color-block tends to explore taking opposite colors in order to pair them altogether, thus making them complementary. From neoplasticism, Laia Aguilar took the idea of colors and lines unified in one unique canvas: the kids Veja sneakers. It is also worth to say that many other artists influenced her at the time of creating the new design for the V-10 CWL, among them Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Franz Kline.

Veja kids shoes by The Animals Observatory

Veja Kids x The Animals Observatory

Veja kids shoes by The Animals Observatory

V-10 CWL by Veja x The Animals Observatory

As a result of Laia’s exploration and experimentation with colors, three new models of the V-10 CWL came to life. Their color combinations are not only reminiscent of neoplasticism and other art movements, but they also take us to a fun playground in the middle of a big street. An urban yet playful feeling that brings the best of both Veja Kids and The Animals Observatory. The new V-10 CWL by Veja x The Animals Observatory sneakers come in three different color combinations: soft pink with a vivid yellow, soft blue with a bold dark green, and orange with a passionate red touch. What’s more, all of them glow in the dark! Like the outstanding stars on an endless dark sky. These new colorful sneakers also include three adjustable velcro stripes to make things easier for them to be always ready to take the streets.

Veja Kids x The Animals Observatory

As this new capsule within Spring-Summer 2023 includes sizes from 22 to 35 years, it comprehends both Veja toddler sneakers as well as Veja sneakers for older kids. Just imagine the fun they will all have whenever wearing those magical shoes! Last but not least, it is also worth mentioning that all Veja sneakers are made with Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton as well as fair-trade Amazonian rubber, and recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester. All of them are also produced in high-standard factories in Brazil, and the Veja x The Animals Observatory new V-10 CWL are not an exception.