Thammy Salcedo: “I feel the identity of The Animals Observatory really speaks to me”


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Words by Aida Badosa | Feb 24, 2023

She is Thammy Salcedo, a dear friend of The Animals Observatory and one of the main characters in the the last Online Exclusive campaign, along with her children, Leo and Luna. They are in charge of introducing us to the Spring-Summer 2023 styles that will only be sold on our website. Their terrific job manages to convey the optimistic tone of the whole collection as well as the love they share as a family.

Thammy Salcedo is based in Paris, where she works both as a model and as a content creator, while enjoying all the lifestyle ideas the French capital has to offer. Thammy comes from Brazil and, after having spent a few years in The Netherlands, she is currently raising her kids with her husband, in this magical city we are so fond of.

It should come as no surprise that last time we traveled to Paris, besides hosting a special dinner for our friends from the fashion industry, visiting Thammy was a must. Therefore, we managed to have a little chat in which she shared some interesting insights about her life, job, and motherhood.

Thammy Salcedo and her children, Leo and Luna. Picture by Georgina Millet.

What’s it like to raise two kids in Paris?

It’s magical, chaotic and dreamy at the same time. Paris is a huge and very busy city. In our family we do pretty much everything by walking, so it can be a bit crazy at times. Anyway, I would not change Paris for any other city, I love it here. For real: Sometimes it feels like a dream.

I found out about The Animals Observatory while I was pregnant with my older son Leo. At that time, I was looking for fun and colorful brands

Thammy Salcedo

How did you find out about The Animals Observatory?

It all started when I was pregnant with my older son Leo. At that time, I was looking for fun and colorful brands and that is how I discovered The Animals Observatory. It has already been five years now since I first bought those outfits. In fact, now it is a sweet memory to look back at those pictures of Leo wearing his first styles by The Animals Observatory, because I can see him in such fun, colorful and cool clothes.

What would you highlight about the brand and why do you like it so much?

I would go with the cool and oversized fits and all the colors of the rainbow. I also love the prints, because they create such unique styles, and I also feel that the identity of the brand really speaks to me. So anytime The Animals Observatory launches a new collection, like now with Spring-Summer 2023, I know it is going to be great, because I already love literally everything The Animals Observatory does.

Luna and Leo. Pictures by Georgina Millet.

Speaking of, how are Leo and Luna enjoying the Spring-Summer 2023 styles by The Animals Observatory?

But of course, they love it! Luna is in love with all the pink colors and the floral print. Oh, and those big sunglasses are one of their favorite styles too. Leo, on the other hand, is loving the oversized t-shirts and he cannot wait until it is warm enough to wear shorts with high new socks. Those are his favorite ones!

Sometimes it is hard to juggle both maternity and work, but then I remember that they are only so small for a little while, and this too will pass

Thammy Salcedo

Do you have any tips about reconciling motherhood with professional life?

To be honest, I don’t have a magical tip, because sometimes I cannot juggle both. Bear in mind I have no family in Paris, so it is just me and my husband taking care of the kids. Normally, if I am not working, I am busy with the kids and it goes on like that everyday. I have had to cancel an event or work dinner because of the kids more often than I would like to, but that is just how it goes. I am a mother, they are so young and small, and they are my first priority. Sometimes it is hard to juggle both but then I remember that they are only so small for a little while, and this too will pass. I also try to make time for myself. It takes an hour everyday to take care of myself. I work out everyday, so that time is like my zen moment.If I can give a tip to a new mom it would be this one: Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you are a badass and you are doing amazing! 

Thammy Salcedo playing with her children, Leo and Luna. Picture by Georgina Millet.

Which values would you like to pass on to your children?

Love is at the top of my list which also includes honesty, respect, and kindness. Of course, also gratitude and sharing. I tell them that it is ok to fail and that they should take other people’s feelings into consideration in order to be empathetic.

Are you looking forward to summer? Any plans you would like to share?

Yes, yes, we can’t wait for summer. We have a family home in Corsica, and that’s where we usually spend our summer. We go back and forth there a few times, so we can escape from Paris and enjoy the beach. Leo and Luna literally cry when it’s time to go back. For us summer is magical: the smell, the weather, the freedom of walking around in slippers,ice creams, and don’t forget the late night walks! Everything… We just love everything about summer.

Luna in her new SS23 outfit by The Animals Observatory. Picture by Georgina Millet.