The Animals Observatory is pleased to present its Spring/Summer 2021 collection designed by Laia Aguilar. Combining a more muted palette with vibrant oranges and yellows, alongside neutral colors that make for that always easy wearability. Summer is for easy, breezy days, in light, airy fabrics such as organza and tulle and simple and comfortable silhouettes. For the next season the brand incorpores a new capsule inspired by soccer outfits and bringing them into our everyday wardrobe.

The Creative Director of the brand, Laia Aguilar, drew inspiration from pop art, graphic design from the 70s and 80s, Slim Aarons pictures, New York graffiti and Keith Haring. These inspirations can be seen through those bright, daring colors and those out of the box shapes replicated in this eclectic collection. And just what Spring/Summer 2021 season needs… a little sense of humor! With princess dresses straight out of a Cecil Beaton painting, a twist on Danish clogs and those unforgettably elegant vintage tennis and soccer looks from the 80s.



The Animals Observatory Fall/Winter 2020 collection designed by Laia Aguilar is a love story with pop iconography, from David Hockney to Jarvis Cocker, with a touch of Bruno Munari´s geometrical aesthetic.

Bold outlines, colours clashing in the best way… purples with greens, reds with blues. A combination of structured, oversized silhouettes that are comfortable, statement making, and as always, wearable.

We built on our staple fabrics and textures with the addition of glitter and unique striped and plaid patterns. Never forsaking practicality, our selection of fabrics from cotton percale to our water repellent ¨life jacket¨ vests make this a versatile selection to suit any weather.

Laia Aguilar has designed instantly recognizable pieces that can be worn day in, day out.