The Animals Observatory is pleased to present to you its latest collection: Fall/Winter 2022.

La cité de la lumière. As the Creative Director and designer of The Animals Observatory, Laia Aguilar, says herself: “This collection is chick parisien with a punk touch that reflects the season of change. It’s a walk through the streets of Paris letting the city embrace and seduce you”. Paris has enchanted the new collection.

With this Fall/Winter 2022, Aguilar is driving a rally car through leopard and militar patterns, with an underground feeling mixed with its iconic floral touch. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s illustrations or Milton Avery’s vanguardist paintings. With soft colours, circular velvet, a bohemian touch and the forever-present flower prints. Iconic stripes, an always present tribute to tricot, never forget the wool and an eternal flowers devotion. Bring the pink. And add some yellow and green. Always with an honest approach to think out of the box. This collection is, once more, an example that Laia Aguilar doesn’t take the back seat when it comes to design.


The Animals Observatory is pleased to present its Spring/Summer 2022 Collection.

This time, Laia Aguilar, with an extraordinary ability to translate her imagination into unique pieces, has recreated the vision of Elizabeth Payton’s beauty concept and the vibe of the early Woody Allen’s films, the inspirational work of Jawlensky’s chromatic contrasts paintings along with the surrealism of John Banting’s.

This SS22 Collection is filled with chromatic contrasts, geometric prints and a wide variety of shapes. The flowers are present in many pieces along with the distinctive and modern The Animals Observatory illustrations. Introducing patchwork motives, marine stripe pieces or kitsch plaid and tartan patterns in dungarees. Blossom along with the Spring/Summer and create unique memories.

Thank you all for your attention.