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Podcasts: A source of inspiration

Podcast programmes are as infinite as the galaxy, so if you’re looking for some inspiration and you don’t know where to start, here are our top 11 favourite podcasts. Let’s start!

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An ode to all mothers

A mother’s love is something incomparable. Something so pure and strong that even the passage of time or oldness is no enemy to it. There are many relationships between a mother and their children and many songs that can fit into a mother’s description, wether it is an ABBA’s song or a Beatles one.

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Young and fearless

Have you also felt that it was the hottest summer ever? This might sound depressing, but some experts on climate change predict this might actually be the coolest summer of the rest of our lives. We honestly hope that is not the case, but we also acknowledge this is an emergency, especially for the younger generations.

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World Animal Day: 10 Fashionable Animals

Animals have been the inspiration for a wide range of disciplines, from films to literature they are a constant presence in various forms of art and, obviously, fashion is no exception.

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