The Animals Observatory celebrates World Music Day!


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jun 21, 2024

At The Animals Observatory we like to celebrate music as much as we can. And today, that marks World Music Day, is a great reminder of it. Although we started our celebration early on the 1st of June, when we went, along with some friends of the brand, to see the premiere of one of our favorite pieces: The Tower of Dreams, with Puccini's music. It was an awesome adventure where we did a tour through the Liceu, one of the most beautiful theaters in Barcelona. An activity we will now repeat twice a year.

The Gran Teatre del Liceu, usually known as El Liceu, is an opera house located on La Rambla, and is the oldest theater in Barcelona still in use as a theater. It was founded in 1847 and since then it has enriched the city with infinite concerts.

We believe that through music, opera and art we can connect with the deepest of people, with the ability to guide, to feel, to understand, to learn, to be moved and to express. Magical places like El Petit Liceu remind us of the importance of music and art. At The Animals Observatory, we believe strongly in the power of music, that’s why we often relate to it for our campaigns.

But we are not finished with the surprises! The Animals Observatory has decided to put its little grain of sand to bring classical music to our friends, that is why we are now an official sponsor of El Petit Liceu. With the aim to promote music and its power, we are happy and proud to contribute to promote values such as respect, creativity, equality, compromise and sensibility.

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