For first time ever The Animals Observatory introduces the new collection through the Pre-Order of its most exclusive and distinctive piece of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection: the Dodo Dress.

Dodo dress 1
Dodo dress 2
Dodo dress 3
Dodo dress 4

The Dodo dress is woven with maverick princess rebellion and cotton organza. It is as light as a soap bubble, and like such, enjoys being freely swept along; Dodo is a declaration of snow-coloured intentions, fearless against creases, who loves the French accent and to be admired. More than a dress, it is a gentle wind.

Dodo dress 6
Dodo dress 7
Dodo dress 8
Dodo dress 9

Combine this The Animals Observatory limited edition dress with the brand new earrings and hair clips, a treasures that unite different style generations thanks to their classic designs, inspired by 1940s and their unequivocal colours. A touch of elegance suitable for any moment, place or time.