A warm reminder of our Instagram campaigns


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Jun 12, 2022

At The Animals Observatory, we started the year with many features in our Instagram account. We’ve travelled across the world to see familiar faces and we have introduced some new ones. Now that we’re approaching the equator of 2022, we thought that it would be a good idea to do a quick recap to remember the memories and the fun times spent. So here’s a warm reminder of the first leg of the year in our Instagram account!

This last February we have travelled to the Aussies’ land, Australia, to catch some waves and bake some cookies with one of the warmest families ever. The Carter’s took over our Instagram account for Valentine’s day and her little ones, Patience and Dorothy, taught us how to spread the love while wearing some of the cutest outfits from Spring/Summer 2022. Later on we moved from Australia to Spain to visit one of the coolest newstands in the world, News & Coffee. We spent a full morning with Pablo’s family rolling around the streets of Barcelona and discovering hidden spots with amazing trees and gardens to have a minute of silence inside the noisiness of the city. 

Moving on from February, we launched the Questionnaires campaign with some of The Animals Observatory friends. A new space to talk about creativity, inspiration and empowerment. We started it with one of our favourite pastry chef’s, Jordi Roca, who talked to us about his preferences on music and style. After the culinary genius, we also talked to Soko the Cat, the French singer that’s a force to be reckoned with. That month we were also being featured in some of the craziest media outlets, such as Milk Magazine. In April we visited The City of Lights, Paris, to shoot a special campaign with two incredible human beings, models and mums: Michaela Thomsen and Mona Walravens. Their mini-me’s, Othis and Romeo, also did a cameo showing us that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! For this shoot we had the marvelous styling of Elissa Castelbou-Loiret and Dani Pujalte capturing the best moments. 

A magic touch in every corner

Introducing the magic of cities where we see our Manifesto in little corners, we visited Antwerp (Belgium) and Paris (France) which was the first shot of The Animals Observatory cities campaign. Landscapes that remind us what does it mean to #BeAGoodAnimal and bring us closer to our founding values with such little things like a little vintage shop on the corner of a street next to the Seine river in Paris or the amazing song someone is playing on the streets just because of its pure devotion to the love of music. 

In April we also had the privilege of hosting a “home away from home” experience for the supermodel, mum and brasileira Thammy Salcedo. We took her and her family to the most glamorous Parisian palace of them all, Le Royal Monceau-Raffles, where the whole family swam in the pool, jumped on the bed and, of course, ordered some room service. Every bit of it while wearing some amazing outfits from the latest The Animals Observatory collection. From Paris we traveled to Amsterdam to visit Renwe Jules and smell some fresh tulips along the way. Our Dutch friend took us for a sunny stroll around the city with his little one, Louie. We could see the amazing parks and playgrounds where Louie was the best dressed of them and, of course, took some biscuits to have energy for the day.

Leo and Luna. Source: @ThammySalcedo

April was a month full of surprises. We traveled different spots of the world to catch up with familiar faces from every corner and we asked them about our motto: #BeAGoodAnimal. There were many answers and interesting reflections about it. You can check all the answers in our Instagram Reels. Moving on from this, at The Animals Observatory we are very proud of the people that conform our team. A team that goes beyond borders and that works together day by day, to produce garments made with love and care. The campaign “Who Made My Clothes” took us to every corner of Portugal to catch up with our manufacturers and get to know the people behind our clothes. 

The first leg of the year left us time to travel to Costa Rica to spend Mother’s Day and share some waves with Daniëlle Kempen. Little Billy took over our Instagram and shared some views about life and his relationship with his mom and, along the way, he reminded us that a mom’s love is unbreakable.

Finally, in May we made you hit your best moves with the introduction of the Pre-Fall 2022 campaign under the direction of Felipe Cano and the Creative Direction and Stylism by Laia Aguilar. An incredible drop full of colours and movement captured by Kiku Piñol. You can catch the campaign on our Instagram account!