World Animal Day: 10 Fashionable Animals


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Words by The Animals Observatory | Oct 04, 2022

Animals have been the inspiration for a wide range of disciplines, from films to literature they are a constant presence in various forms of art and, obviously, fashion is no exception.
Whether it is the vibrant colours, the textures, their uniqueness or the perfect mimicry with the surroundings they are always a powerful source of beauty and symbolism.
On this world animal day we join the celebrations and recognitions towards the animals. To celebrate, here are 10 animals that spark our creativity. Join us and discover this particular runway of beauties.

No. 1. Horned Puffin

You can catch the horned puffin’s beauty easily with the blink. This magnificent creature lives mainly in a cold environment and after breeding, they winter in the sea, far from the coasts.
They feel the passing of time through their beak: it’s grey in the wintertime and it changes to orange tones during the summer season.

Source: @jc_wings

No. 2. Lion

The fearless protector. The best hairstyle in the animal kingdom. Majestic. Iconic. Powerful. The lion’s beauty it’s not just found in the look, but also in the manners: the power deep within the heart.
Lions live in communities with 10 to 15 other lions, and they are called prides. The roar of a lion can be heard up to 8 km away. Although they are heavy, don’t be fooled, they can also run up to 80 km/h.

Source: @animals_geolife

No. 3. Coconut Octopus

The coconut octopus is more about hot vibes. Native of tropical ocean waters. Unique. Adaptable. Flexible. They can camouflage to their surroundings by changing their body color and even texture. They are solitary, mostly live alone.
Its beauty resides in their capacity to constantly reinvent themselves in a creative way, regardless of the environment and the circumstances.

Source: @animals_geolife

No. 4. Chrysilla Spider

Also known as the rainbow spider for obvious reasons. There are few specimens in the world and mostly can be found in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.Female spiders are extremely powerful. There is a double morality on them: as much of a protectors they’re also predators. Louise Burgoeise captured them in a worldwide famous series of giant sculptures to honor her mother called Maman. Awe. Fear. Vulnerability. Strength.

Source: @pavan_tavrekere

No. 5. Axolotl Salamander

The enigmatic Axolotl Salamander deduces cryptic sensations. They have an unbelievable, almost immortal, capacity as they can regenerate vital parts of their body.
Different. Uncommon. Intelligent. Axolotl Salamanders are a critically endangered species. They spent most of the time underwater. Julio Cortázar explored the limits between humans and animals in a short story called Axolotl where he particularly points out their magnetic eyes ‑without pupils and iris‑.

Source: @animals_geolife

No. 6. Sea Slug

The artistry of the sea slug can be easily perceived by others, but not by themselves because they don’t have vision and they move around by tact. They’ll never see how beautiful they are. Like a Greek tragedy.
Magnetic. Electric. Strong. They are hard to catch, small and although their skin has some Kandinsky vibes on it, you better not touch it because it’s venomous.

Source: @underwater.adventures

No. 7. Indian Peafowl

The definition of elegance. The beauty of the peafowl can easily be seen in its magnificent tail, which is made up with 150 feathers that can be up to 1,5 meters long. Gracious. Refined. Temperamental.
If there is a royal family in the animal kingdom, the Indian Peafowl is for sure in it. It can’t pass unnoticed and its almost the anti‑bird (can’t fly, sedentary and lives in small groups). Also, don’t piss them off, because they have a temper.

Source: @insta_photography_club

No. 8. American Lady Butterfly

The charm of the butterfly resides in its transformation capacity. Roman’s believed they represented the soul and mind. Light. Joyful. Easy‑going.There are up to 17.000 different species of butterflies in the world. Although they can seem like a painting in motion, they can only perceive green, red and yellow. Their life is short: they can only live up to one month.

Source: @davedesarnophotography

No. 9. Black‑Throated Tit

The Black‑throated tit is a team player bird. Both male and female help build the hanging nest (literally hangs on the branches of the trees), a process that takes them up to one month.
Irreverent. Different. Observer. A highly social bird, usually travels with friends in flocks of 40 birds. They have a great sense of balance, as they can hold onto really tiny little branches.

Source: @blackthroatedbushtit

No. 10. Horse

The spirit of the horse transcends the elegance they dispense within simply moving. The terrestrial mammal with the biggest eyes, some say they can see your soul (although not in colour because they see black and white).
They’re portrayed as a symbol of courage, power and integrity. They have the ability to give a peaceful sensation of freedom.

Source: @nature.fervour